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Autumn is here and a change in farm produce arrives!

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We're heading out of summer and into autumn now, and it means we're saying goodbye to lots of summer veggies, including our courgettes and beans. 

We are looking at possibly reducing the amount of courgettes we grow as they always seem to do extremely well and we end up with a huge glut, meaning difficult decisions about what goes into the boxes.  This summer has been no exception!

Beautiful green summer courgettes

I'm sure plenty of you will be looking forward to the change of season, and the change in your boxes as we move into cabbage and cauliflower season! 

The beans are coming to a stop now as well, and what a great year it's been for them, no pun intended! It's always sad to see them go as it is a sure sign that the year is getting closer to its end, but the space has been given over to our autumn veggies, which will rejuvenate the soil. 

The last of our flat beans

We have white and Romanesco caulies coming next week, along with broccoli. We barely saw any at all during the summer because of the weather, but we are hopeful that the autumn varieties fare better. 

For both beans and courgettes, it looks like next week will be the last or just about the last we'll see of them. So what veggies, or fruits, are you most looking forward to?